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Top 5 roku streaming stick 3800r reviews in 2021

Roku streaming stick

Top 5 Roku streaming stick 3800r reviews in 2021

Top 5 roku streaming stick 3800r reviews in 2021
roku streaming stick

This is my review of the Roku streaming stick model 3800. This is the newer version of the older. Roku streaming stick which was that purple ah streaming stick review over there? So I’m really getting this as a replacement for my mother-in-law, who inherited that streaming stick. So the reason behind that is the power of the older. The Roku streaming stick was a little bit under even what the Roku 3 could put out. This guy is much better than that and I figured for Christmas.

You won’t be seeing this. She’ll get an upgrade. So let’s article about specs: the Roku streaming stick here is 3.3 inches in length and has a width of 0.8. Aa depth of half an inch now to put that into context here it is next to a flash drive or on top of a deck of cards.

So, this is a really small device. You will notice that the stick itself is made up of matte plastic all around. So you’re not really getting much here to look at but that’s, you do have a single reset button on the side and a micro USB port to power this device.

Now, you may be asking yourself why streaming sticks. When Roku is coming out with all of these new devices the premier plus which are really small when compared to the set-top box premier plus that?  I have reviewed their review well, they still need an HDMI cable but as you can see there is an HDMI adapter right there.

You plug this into the side of your TV and you now have access to the Roku channel store. Now there is an indicator light here now for my purposes the way that this plugs into my TV look like this. So my problem with that is the indicator light is on the backside of this for my TV problem being.

I can’t tell when it’s flashing or accepting commands? But that’s not terrible. The other Roku streaming stick that I had did the same thing also with this particular device as compared to something like the Amazon Fire TV 4k and the Google Chromecast.

Which had a bendable cable so that you can get this where?  If you have a cabinet  I used to have this will stick out and might be difficult to maneuver around, So you’re gonna want to make sure that you get yourself an adapter. If that’s a problem now, speaking of what comes in the box with the Roku streaming stick is a 5-foot power adapter cable which is mostly useful to get to your cables?

If you have power under your TV or you can plug this right into the TV and there are benefits to that, you’ll notice that the part that sticks into the Roku device itself is an L-shape. You also have a wall wart if you do need to power this or you can see it’s a USB type this is significantly smaller than the old USB wall wart that came with the purple version of this. Now speaking of power usage, you can plug this directly into your TV with just the provided cable or use the wall wart. Now the beauty of this is compared to the original Roku streaming stick this uses significantly less power so when idling it uses between 2.1 and 2.2 watts.

If you have the screensaver on which I’ll show you a little later on show you the interface 2.4 to 2.5 And when streaming Netflix HD because this is an HD, not a 4k version?  They do have the Roku streaming state plus the 4k is a little more expensive and I don’t need 4k because I still don’t have a 4k TV. But when streaming HD Netflix it uses between 2.6 and 2.7 watts of power which is a little more than the previous Roku stick?

So you’re gonna save yourself some power but this also has a neat trick. So I said when it was idle or the screensaver was on it was drawing power. However, if you don’t have it plugged into power and you have it plugged directly into your TV set if the TV set is of this is not drawing power. It’s turned off so you could save yourself a little bit of extra electricity by plugging this directly into the TV and I would recommend it because it just makes it.

So much easier using this when it’s plugged directly into the TV set as opposed to power because then you don’t have to worry about sucking up a power plug on your entertainment center. So the Roku Roku streaming stick also has some extra features that the previous version did not have, mainly it’s compatible with the new 802.11 AC 5 gigahertz standard the older version could not now.

I will preface this that it does support 2.4 gigahertz as well as the 5 gigahertz you are going to get faster connection speeds. But your distance will be cut down if you use it on 2.4 gigahertz you can stick this further away from your Wi-Fi access point now. I did find originally when I was using this under the 5 gigahertz spectrum because I want faster speeds and it’s right next to my it’s TV and then right next to my TV is my Wi-Fi access point when I was on the 5 gigahertz spectrum because I live in a condo complex and there are lots of people out there broadcasting when I was on a crowded 5 gigahertz spectrum the stability and connectivity of the Roku suffered drastically.


I had buffering like I’ve never seen before and it just could not stay connected. So what I ended up doing was using an app Wi-Fi analyzer review over there to find that nobody was on or at least very few people were on and once I moved my Wi-Fi access point to stay on that the stability and connectivity issues went away.

So if you aren’t experiencing something like that I would recommend checking out that app to help yourself. I ended up finding my Wi-Fi access point again. If you’re interested, reviews over there could hit up a spectrum number that many people around me were able to get with their lower cheaper Wi-Fi routers. 

So I jumped to the conclusion that this was able to connect and connectivity issues went away so one of the beauties of any Roku device is that it is pretty much a plug-and-play solution if you stick this into your TV set. Do you go through the setup process which does require you to create a Roku account?  It’s not terrible. It does ask you to put credit card information into the website but that’s only because there are certain channels and things that you can do that would require payment.

Now I will say that the majority of things that I use are free. I’ve only paid for one Roku and I did that through the store itself of that particular channel, not the broker app itself don’t worry Roku is not going to do anything nefarious with your credit card information but as

I said plug-and-play part of that is the remote that comes with your Roku device now this is the Roku streaming stick version of the Roku remote this is one of the latest redesigns that they have done there are a lot of things that I like about this and one thing that, I kind of don’t well two things that I kind of don’t like.

But let’s begin off looking at the top of the Roku remote here, you will notice this is a power button but what are you powering on if this powers itself on when your TV is turned on well this is a new feature that Roku devices can now support this uses an IR blaster and can turn your TV on and off that is the newest trick that, your Roku remote can do and it is one of the features that I feel separates it from a lot of the other solutions out there and one of the main reasons that, I like this new redesign right there you’ll notice that’s a little hole that is a microphone.

Because you can see you can ask your Roku to look for things verbally you have a back button and home button. So this is primarily how you’re gonna navigate back in screens again to show?  You that a little later home brings back to your home screen. You have a d-pad here that is rubberized and a button in the center. You will notice that the front is this matte plastic than that plastic goes all around.

It does not show fingerprints but as you can see there, If your hands get a little hot it will show that you have your 30-second rewind button. You have your rewind play pause and fast-forward now here’s the first part that I don’t like these buttons here, I like that they’re there their shortcut keys but these are hard-wired shortcut keys you can never change these keys this will forever be Netflix this will forever be Sling Hulu DirecTV now. I have an older Roku remote where the button that was on the front of the channel doesn’t exist anymore. 


Roku streaming stick

I will never be able to change that Roku. Come on please make it. So I can pick what these are. That’s all I’m asking, come along to the side here. You have volume control now the volume control works in conjunction with this power button and that IR blaster these buttons will control your TV’s volume. That is awesome, sadly this level of the remote does not have the private listening mode. 

So that’s a small downfall. They do have an upgraded version of this remote which does support that but for me, my TV’s in my living room. I used private listening mode on my older version. I can maybe three-four times at most coming down to the bottom here. You will notice that it keeps the Roku fabric tag. I will say that the power button and IR blaster are one of the leaps and bounds innovations that they’ve done aside from getting rid of the lanyard that they used to have instead of this fabric tag coming to the back.


Top 5 roku streaming stick 3800r reviews in 2021
roku streaming stick

You will see it’s just it’s got a divot for your finger. So it makes it easier to hold on to when you’re using the directional button because pretty much. This is how you’re moving around the screen?

It has a drawer for the included triple-a batteries and has a parody button right there for your Roku. Now the triple-a batteries are kind of one of the things I don’t like. I wish they were double-a but I do realize that that would increase the size of this remote now. I will preface if You have another Roku in your house when?  I got the Roku remote here automatically paired to my other Roku so I did have to actually go through the menu and use the pairing button in order to get this to work with the Roku stick now one of the things.

I have found if you leave the Roku stick here plugged into your TV. When you first initialize it the Roku itself will boot up and you will need to re-establish a connection with the remote and by re-established that, I mean you just kind of have to give it a wave so that it realizes that the two are paired not terrible but it’s something to consider there is a process by which you do have to go through setting up the power button here.

It’s not a terrible process. I’ll show you that a little later with the application itself but I was concerned that it would not work with my probably 10 plus-year-old TCL TV. Now what it boils down to is you point this at your TV? 

And it will say do you hear music send information to the TV?  The music stops yes or no if your remotes were paired. If not, I’m gonna try something different. Did the mute then no matter what your TV is type in the brand name of your TV? and then it starts running through codes and it for me.

It was the second TCL code that worked so it’s a little bit of work but I assure you that the power button and limiting the number of remotes that you need is very very worth it. So I’ve talked a lot about the application: what you’re actually going to be using the Roku for which is watching TV Netflix Amazon things of that nature?

So why, don’t I show you what that looks like now alright. So if you’ve seen one Roku interface you’ve seen them all but if this is your first time actually looking at a Roku device well. You’re in luck this is going to be a walk-through of what the Roku user interface looks like by default. 

You are going to start here on the home and home is going to just list out all your channels over here to the right there is a way to select channels in the feed over here. I will show you how to do that a little later you will notice right up here, You have your time and then a grayed-out options button now. We did talk about that asterisk key on the Roku remote before you will notice.

If I push it now nothing is happening but if I select using the d-pad moving over. So we’re gonna come over now. If I select the asterisk key that gives me options for this individual. I could close or I could press the back button on the Roku remote and get out of that channel. If I wish to move the channel I can select that and then move it.

Wherever I want in this grid just using the directional pad and then pressing to lock it into place.  I can move them around as I see fit you will notice over here on the right this is a rotating ad box and well. It will generally bring you directly to whatever is being advertised and I’m trying to see if I can get it to change so if I were to go over to Philo here, It would be my free trial of this particular channel. I have three of 37 channels that’s because well that was channel 3 of 37 realistically.

I use Netflix HBO GO Prime every now and then. I have tested sling review over the corner if you want and some other things which are still on my Roku device here because your Roku account links all of your Roku devices together. So all the channels that I had on my premiere also show up on my stick right now coming down the list on the side here. You have featured free. So this is a Roku supported version. What’s free? 

We can show you it may be totally free, it may be ad-supported. But it will show you a bunch of free things that you can watch and not have to pay subscriptions for so recent TV catch-up in the fall. I mean there’s a lot of things in here horror because you know while I’m doing this around the start of October. So Halloween is just around the corner. What free is now?  You’ll notice you if I push the directional it’s just dragging me through the possible things to watch.

So you have to hit the back button to bring you back to the menu on the side coming down to my feed. These are things you can set up. And I’ll show you in the search area where?  It will notify you when something new happens or something comes out. So in this case Game of Thrones, multiple episodes just added and that little purple tick mark means that it’s brand new something has happened to select it. It will show me where, You see Gardens a the agent Carter that is what my feed is coming back?

We have a movie store as supported by Fandango. Now movie store TV stores and features can all be removed from the side panel here to free up space. I’ll show you how to do that a little later but movie stores buy Fandango if we select it to show us things that we can buy or rent.

So here, you can see all the new things to buy new to rent and rent with bundles and save. So if you want to, you can come through and select. You can see it’s got rotten tomato scores and all that fun stuff over there and we’re just gonna go back to the TV store.

So it’s gonna be the same thing as hit TV shows returning favorites to my tv watch list if you have an account with Fandango. I do not but again it will show you information about the particular TV show. I’m gonna hit the back button to go back all the way to my side menu here because the next item is searched. If we select search we can search for movie TV actors you could see all the things that you can search for right up there.

Now generally what? I tend to look for is Evil Dead so we’re just gonna continue my spree of doing that and then you’ll notice that it is Auto completing on the side there you will notice that the icons are different as well one indicates a movie one indicates a TV show and if we come down and do a space there.  We go Evil Dead that is the latest incarnation of it but you’ll notice that it shows you information over here selecting it further again brings you to the menu option.

Which will show you where you can get it if it’s free. I had to hunt and peck using the Roku remote.  Now because this is a voice-activated remote. I can also press this button which then pops up this menu, I just tapped it really quick so it didn’t fully actuate so let me go back and I will go search. And I’m gonna say Evil Dead and then it brings up all the evil that now the voice search does not work on every screen. If you’re in an app it might not work but on this screen, if I search so choose Star Wars and here you go it’s gonna bring up all this stuff on Star Wars the voice search is not terrible.

It can be difficult at times but I would rather have it than not have it we’re gonna go all the way back because now. We’re coming to streaming channels. This is how you actually get your information from those channels that you saw before Netflix Hulu thinks that this is where you come and get them.

So you’ve got featured you will notice that these particular channels here do not have checkmarks in the corner while this and this do that means that those are on my device new a notable again just new and notable TV streams just added the same thing most popular top free this is probably where I recommend starting and search channels if there was a particular channel you could type it in or try and use the voice search for this one in particular.

I recommend typing it in as opposed to the voice search. You can also select genres which are kind of nice too so movies TV? It will help aggregate the channels that you might be most interested in so let’s say you have kids and family. Well here’s all the kids and family shows or channels that you might be interested in and again selecting one will show you information on it. You can view screenshots on it so here are screenshots of the particular channel and then.

If you wanted to you could add the channel right from here if the channel was paid it would indicate that it was a paid channel me see if I can find one that’s paid alright let’s take my word for it if it was a paid channel it would let you know settings this is the important part because this is where you set up your Roku device.

So you have come to the right network. This is how your Roku connects to the Internet. So that you can watch these channels. You can select which will tell you information about the network it’s on private information there, sorry not going to show you that checking your connection will allow you to check.

How is your wireless connection doing?  So here it is checking my wireless connection and it’s checking to see if it has an Internet connection because you can be connected wirelessly but not actually connected to the internet. Everything was successful.

So we’re just gonna leave that alone. This is also where you can come in and set up your wireless connection because you kind of need to do that coming over to wireless. You would click that and what it will do is scan all the networks that are in the vicinity. So here you see pill Z foamy and then a whole bunch of other ones here those is channels that it can connect to if one of those is yours you would click on it and then type in your password to get in alright coming back to the left that was networks.

We’re moving on to themes you’ll notice right now that there’s a purple background well let’s say you don’t want a purple background. You can come over here and go to my themes and you can kind of see over there previewed what types of themes.

You can have now some of these are paid themes however, I got them when they were free in the store or you could see some of them are ad-related. So I don’t use them much but I got them because they were free and if it’s free it’s for me you can also get more themes and coming here it will bring you to all the possible themes but it will also show you over here in the corner if you have to pay for it or not selecting the theme will allow you to buy or view screenshots to determine if this is something you would like now themes are nice to differentiate.

Your Roku but personally I don’t spend enough time on the home screen to justify paying, especially like $2.99 for a background that I will never see some of them are hobby-related some of them are in this case. If I wanted to I can tell it check now and it will check and there you see no software updates because it’s showing me this is the current build and for right now when I’m recording that is the current build system restart if for whatever reason your Roku device freezes or becomes unresponsive does not happen often maybe once or twice.

I’ve had to do this so you could restart your system’s advanced settings. So you can factory reset which I will do after I finish this review so that when I give this to my mother-in-law none of my Roku information is on here. So factory resetting will require you to input a code that you see at the bottom here two fully factories reset right in their network connection reset again the network that’s connected to you could reset that and you can also reset controlled devices and this is third-party licensing information a lot to read through most people don’t but it’s there just know it’s there and then right after that we’d be back at about so clicking the home button brings us back to the home of the Roku device and again you just select over and you can get into your Netflix.

Top 5 roku streaming stick 3800r reviews in 2021
roku streaming stick



So that has been a longer walkthrough than you probably were expecting but now you know exactly. How to set up and use your Roku device there are a lot of reasons why?  The big reason is it’s a separate company. It is not beholden to Netflix to Apple to Google it wants to play everything and anything. 

If you get a Google Chromecast you’ve got to play in Google’s playground if you get an Apple TV same thing play in Apple’s playground Amazon. It wants you to get the Amazon fire stick and use their stuff and then the three big ones get in into arguments with each other and then content from one is not supported on another with the Roku you don’t have that problem.

It does not care where you’re getting your stuff from it just wants to help you enjoy it and play it wherever, So that is why I love the Roku environment and the user interface is the same pretty much on every single Roku device that I’ve had so if you know how to use one you’ll know how to use it in the future. I’ve given you a lot of information to think about and look at and you’re probably asking yourself well.

I know all of this stuff but how much does it cost?  If you can find it on sale generally you can find it for about $40 retail is normally $50 it’s not terrible. If you are just looking for a plug-and-play Roku device you don’t want a box that sits on your entertainment center or you don’t want to have to deal with HDMI cables or heck.

If you are traveling a lot and you want to have access to your Netflix on the big screen in your hotel room instead of watching it on your computer or phone this is ideal for that small remote small Roku device they travel well. You don’t have to worry about that if you haven’t gotten the idea by this point in the review that I love Roku devices and especially have a fondness for these little streaming sticks. If you don’t need the superpower that you get with one of the set-top boxes. I don’t know what else I could tell you I highly recommend the Roku streaming stick. I have been upside Review . If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the area below and as always thanks for the guys.



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