Roku streaming stick plus review UK 2021

Roku streaming stick plus

Roku streaming stick plus review UK


In today’s tech article Roku streaming stick plus review UK. The Roku streaming stick plus this is a great little device because it does stream your movies and your video in the HD 4k hdr content and the great thing about the Roku. The platform is that it has all the apps just about any app that you can think of, it’s got it available on this streaming platform. Unlike something like the fire stick that does have some limitations. 

The Roku they’re the first ones that came into the streaming market and they are still leaders as far as any kind of streaming.  Apps are available. This thing’s gonna have it?  Now, another great thing about this thing here is it’s the best 4k hdr streamer for the money. So, you get the most bang for your buck whenever you buy one of these and this particular one has a quad-core processor.

 It’s very portable. I got the 4k spotlight channel and then you can search all your top channels on this thing here. It’s very good when it comes to wireless technology. It’s got free local tv built into it and then it’s got the voice remote.

 Roku streaming stick plus review UK
Roku streaming stick plus review UK

Setting Up The Roku Streaming Stick

 I’ll show you all the steps necessary to get it set up but it does come with the cable that connects to the Roku stick itself. It gives you two Duracell batteries and then there’s your remote control. Now the reason that I did go with this streaming stick is that this one does have the volume control on the side, and an on and off button here at the top.

Some of your cheaper Roku sticks do not have that option. So unless you want to go with two different remotes it might be wise to spend the extra few dollars to get this one here. Over here on this site, you have the cables that get connected into your power brick there for the ac adapter in case you want to get it plugged into a wall. Now there are a couple of other ways that you can get power to the stick. You can do it through this cable here or you can plug it in the USB right into your tv.

So, I’ll show you that a little bit later also. Another closer look here at the remote control. There are some default buttons that are already built-in and installed on where you got your Netflix. Your Hulu your sling which I don’t know anybody that really uses sling but it does have the Disney plus on there. So this is the newer style of Roku stick that does have that Disney plus streaming button on there. So I’ll go ahead and get the remote or the batteries put into the remote and get this thing set up. 


 The first thing that you want to do is take your Roku stick here and plug in a micro USB cable right into the side just like that. Now we have the USB portion right here. what you could do is you could go ahead and plug?  This into your an HDMI port an empty HDMI port that you have on your television and then plug the USB in into a slot that you have open, on your tv and that would be enough to give this thing power or if your tv does not have an empty USB port here that’s. Where you would utilize the extra cable here and ac adapter What you would do is plug this in? 

Into there and then the other end of this cable. is where you would then plug in the USB portion?  So, and then this thing would get power from plugging this into a wall outlet. So you have two different ways of getting power to your Roku stick. Now my tv does have a USB. So I’m going to go ahead and unhook this and plug this into the tv.

You should have some of these HDMI HDMI inputs I’m gonna put mine in HDMI one and then I’m gonna put the other USB portion and plug those two components in. Once you have them plugged in they’ll look like that and the stick then talks to the remote. So, I like this setup here because it’s really minimal, not a whole lot of cable management going. On no extra cords, you know hanging down past the tv and being invisible. I like this setup here but if your tv doesn’t have that plug it into the wall. 

Roku wifi connectivity

Once you turn on your tv and you go to the right HDMI input this screen comes up here to get started. You select whatever language that you want in it and it starts to scan for your wireless networks, and then you just select your particular wi-fi. After you find your wi-fi go ahead and enter your wi-fi password. Once you enter in your wi-fi password it’ll start to look for your wireless connection and then once it’s connected those checkmarks will be marked then. You’ll come to this screen here and then it’ll just do an update to get your Roku set up to the latest firmware software. 

You’ll select and then you’ll just let it do its thing. After it updates it does its little logo jumping. You’ll come to this screen here where it does an auto-detect display type. Where just analyzes your HDMI connection to know, if you have a 720 or 1080 or 4k tv. So you just clicked or just hit. I realized that mine was a 1080 resolution. I’ll go ahead and click to go automatic. So, now the next step is it’ll check your remote, and then you’ll just hit. It’ll ask if music is playing online.

So I’ll say Yes your music is playing and then it detects that the music has stopped and then you’ll just hit on yes that the music has stopped. If that works it’ll say success your remote is now set up and paired. Then you’ll get to this screen here, where you have to activate your Roku player. Where you enter your email address now. Some people may question do I have to do this?

 Roku streaming stick plus review UK
Roku streaming stick plus review UK

Can I just use it without entering in any information the answer is no you do have to set up a Roku account? Where you enter in your email address and credit card information. Now, they won’t just charge your credit card willy nilly without ever letting you know. So don’t you don’t fear that but you do have to enter one in there to get started. Another quick little tip I noticed on this newer player here.

It gives you a remote control battery life signal that pops up periodically. So that’s kind of nice it lets you know. how much battery life you have on your batteries. So then go to this screen here to just enter in your email address and get your Roku account set up or if you already have one set up, you just log in with your credentials. It’ll get to a screen where it does ask you to verify your email. 

So, you can just jump over to your smartphone or a computer, click on that email to answer it, and then for example. I’m on my mobile. I’ll go ahead and fill in the rest of the information via my mobile to get the account set up. Once you finish the steps on your mobile it automatically updates your tv and it starts to pre-install any apps that you may have selected. Once that’s complete I’ll say all done you just click over and it takes you to your home screen here and on your Roku. Then it takes you to your Roku home screen here, where you just can click over, and here are all your different apps that you can watch you have to get your account set up.


If you do have something like Netflix or Hulu Disney plus you have to enter in all your credentials. But this is a Roku. I do like their setup here, their platform. It’s very user-friendly, easy to learn just you know right out of the box. This is how you get it all installed, hopefully, this article helped you out.


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