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best fjallraven kanken backpack outlet reviews | Laptop Backpack Comparison

fjallraven kanken backpack outlet

best fjallraven kanken backpack outlet reviews | Mini and Laptop 15 Backpack Comparison

This is a comparison BLOG about fjallraven kanken backpack outlet, in which we’re going to take a look at review Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. We’ve looked at each one of these individually. 

fjallraven kanken backpack outlet
fjallraven kanken backpack outlet

We actually pack in these backpacks. We’re not going to do that in this Article.

These are empty. Instead, what we’re going to do is just simply take a look at the similarities, talk about the differences, touch on the price points and offer our recommendation for which backpack we would choose if it was up to us. To get us started,

let’s introduce the backpacks that we have. This is the Kanken Classic. We have it in the Fog color, code 021. On the left of it is the Kanken 15 inch Laptop backpack. We have this in the Ox Red, code 326. And, finally, here we have the Kanken Mini. We have this in the Leaf Green, code 615. Now, each of these colors is available for, I believe,

all of Kanken’s series… …or Fjallraven Kanken backpack series. Start off with the exterior. From the front, you could tell immediately that these are Kankens because of their clean, squarish appearance. These are clean lines, we like that. You have the Kanken label or the logo,

best fjallraven kanken backpack outlet reviews | Mini and Laptop 15 Backpack Comparison
best fjallraven kanken backpack outlet reviews | Mini and Laptop 15 Backpack Comparison

the same sized logo stitched onto each one of these backpacks in the front. You have the handles… …on actually the front and the back, we’ll get to that. You have small pockets where you can put your small belongings. The materials for all three are the same.

It’s made out of Vinylon F. It’s a durable, lightweight material. We found it to be rather stiff when we first got it, but it loosened up over time. We like that because if it was going to always be that stiff, we would have not liked that. We found it to be easy to clean, just with a piece of paper towel and some water, you can wipe away any dirt that might accumulate or that it picks up.

Moving on to the sides, you’re going to find the side pocket. Now, the usability of these pockets depends on how much you put in the main compartment. We found that if the main compartment is packed since these are not elastic, you’re not going to be able to pack much into these side pockets.

But if they’re empty or there’s not much content inside the main compartment, you could put in a bottle of water, for instance. On to the back, this is where you’re going to find some of the features that make the Kanken very ergonomic to wear.

fjallraven kanken backpack outlet
fjallraven kanken backpack

So, you have an X-mount on the back here, and this is meant to help distribute weight evenly across the shoulders. We found this to actually work. Similar loads in different backpacks, or in other backpacks felt heavier than it did when we were wearing the Kankens. So we like that feature. We also like the fact that the straps have a way of organizing or managing these straps.

So if you didn’t want to wear this as a backpack, and you just wanted to use it as a tote bag with these two nice handles here, you can actually tuck these straps away by buttoning it to the top here, so you don’t have to worry about the straps swinging around when you’re carrying it. We really like that. Now, it’s the same mechanism across…for the Classic as well as the Laptop.

It’s a little different on the Mini, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. Back on to the other side… nothing is different. Same as the first side that we looked at with the small pockets. Let’s go on to the inside to finish up talking about the similarities here. Got a buckle there to help you… keep the handles from flopping around when you’re wearing it. It’s a u-shaped zipper track that we like. It’s very smooth, it’s YKK zippers. And we really appreciate the fact that there are these reinforcement points at the end of the zipper tracks to make sure that these won’t tear apart.

fjallraven kanken backpack
backpack outlet

We’ve had bags in the past, canvas bags, where the zipper just fell off and couldn’t really use the bag after that. So we like that feature. Ok…now when you open this bag and it’s empty… you’re going to see a name and address label. Now, this really goes back to the roots of the Kanken backpack.

This backpack was designed for schoolchildren back in 1978, helps them strengthen, straighten their backs and carry their books. So, you know, you can imagine kids writing down their names, addresses, contacts.

You can do the same thing if you want to try to recover it if this backpack is lost. Inside, you’ll also find foam in the back here. Now, we assumed that this was simply meant for keeping the backpacks‘ form in shipping. But we’ve since learned that it’s actually a seat cushion. The idea being if you didn’t want to sit on the ground, you can take this out and cushion yourself. Sure…we

probably wouldn’t use it for that. And if we did, we’ll use it once and wouldn’t put it back in because it’ll get dirty. And we don’t like that. All right, now let’s start talking about the differences. Inside, you’re also going to find the care tags. How to clean it, take care of it.

And this is where we learned that the Kanken Classic is made in China, while the Kanken Mini, as well as the 15-inch Laptop backpacks, are both made in Vietnam. Doesn’t really matter where these bags are made. These are the same materials and we didn’t feel any differences when it comes to construction.

fjallraven kanken
fjallraven kanken

These are solid bags all the way around so, if you told us these were from the same country, we would’ve believed you. So, just an interesting note. Now let’s go talk about the differences on the back of the backpack. And we’ll start with the two full-size bags. Now, the similarities were that they both Now, the similarities were that they both have ways of managing straps.

Differences…are the type of straps that these backpacks have. With the laptop strap, it’s padded. The idea is that you’re going to have more weight in the backpack, and so to make it more comfortable on your shoulders, you have nice padding. But if you take a close look at this, you’ll notice that it’s actually the same strap.

Same size, same type, but Fjallraven simply sews on this pad on it. It’s simple, it makes sense and it works. When we were using this backpack, we really felt it was comfortable.

When we switched over to the Kanken Classic, we kind of missed this. We didn’t like the fact that the strap was kind of digging into our shoulders and we wished that we had, you know, padding. The good news is, Fjallraven does sell shoulder strap pads as an add-on. It’s 20 Euros. In the US, I’m not quite sure what the price is. But the problem is, it’s very hard to find.

The last couple of times we’ve looked online for them, they’ve sold out. So good luck to you if you’re looking for the add-on shoulder pad straps. And if you see it, we recommend buying it. Now, do note that they’re not available in all colors. That’s the only downside. The other difference with the Laptop backpack over the Classic Kanken is the dedicated laptop compartment.

Its namesake. From the side, you can see that it’s pretty much the same backpack. They just added on this compartment. Again, it’s simple but it works. It’s accessed by this…track.

It’s U-shaped and we like the fact that, again, it’s two zippers just like in the front. Makes it easy to access. And you have a dedicated compartment. It’s very padded.

It’s very well padded. This pad…this side…is not… The padding on this side, excuse me, is not related to the seat cushion that you found here. So if you want to take that out, you still have nice thick padding on this side to protect the backpack when you’re moving about.

fjallraven kanken The 15-inch version that we have here is able to fit most 15 inch laptops. The 15-inch laptop that we have is a workstation-class laptop and that did not fit because it was thicker then I believe most standard 15-inch laptops are so if you have a workstation laptop you’ll probably want to go with the 17-inch version like we would have to if we wanted to carry that around in the Kanken.

Otherwise, these two backpacks are mostly the same except for that laptop compartment and the shoulder pads, or the shoulder strap. On the Mini, there is no dedicated compartment. And that makes sense, netbooks aren’t around anymore. But it also does have a different strap system.

So…just going to flip this around. It looks a little bit more complicated than the bigger Kankens, but it’s actually pretty easy. It took us a little bit of time because it’s not as intuitive. But essentially, they created these two loops, and the idea is, with these loops you can effectively have a long strap where you can accommodate adult shoulders, right.

While also allowing you to tuck away these straps when you want to use it to carry, or you want to just carry this bag around as a tote. So you’ll put the straps through…you’ll open this up here. You’ll put the straps through the loops. It will come out through here like this and then you’re able to simply button it to the bottom. It’s pretty neat. We like it. It’s effective and it works.

fjallraven kanken
fjallraven kanken backpack outlet

So there won’t, when you’re using this as a tote bag you won’t have that flopping around, it’s just to be nice and tidy there. Now let’s talk about the prices. The Kanken Mini is available for $65 USD. That’s the suggested price. We’ve seen these go on sale occasionally for around $40-$50. The Kanken Classic has a suggested retail price of $75 US. And the 15-inch Laptop Kanken has a suggested price of $110 US.

Now, there are two other versions of the laptop backpack. It’s a 17-inch version for $120, as well as a 13-inch version for $100. Now that 13-inch version is very similar in size to the Classic. If you’re looking for a school backpack.

A backpack that you can use for school and you have a 12 or 13-inch Macbook for instance, and you’re deciding between a Classic or maybe the 13-inch Laptop backpack. If it was us, we would go with the Laptop version because for a $25 difference, you get that dedicated compartment for your laptop. It’s very well padded, and you get the padded shoulder straps that come in the same color as your backpack.

We find that $25 to be worth that additional cost if it was us. Now, if you’re looking for a daypack… perhaps something to replace your purse. We would go with the Mini. You save $10, you save a little bit on the weight and it’s just adorable. We find it to be very cute and nothing else quite like it out on the market so if you want the Kanken look, it is, after all, more of a fashion accessory. We would go with the Mini over the Classic if you’re just looking for a daypack. 



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