Bluehost Review: Bluehost Is this the best Hosting? 2021

bluehost reviews

Bluehost Review: Bluehost Is this the best Hosting? 2021

Bluehost reviews in 2021. Bluehost is one of the leading names in the hosting industry, And has been around for more than 17 years. They are officially recommended by WordPress and have such extensive experience. But does that mean they are the best for your website in this Bluehost review?

Bluehost Review
Bluehost Review

I will explore Bluehost’s backend dashboard. We’ll also take a look at other features as well, are they worth hosting. Your website let’s find out. Hello and welcome to the upside reviews. I’m Michael and today, I will review Bluehost and we’ll see it!

It’s the best hosting provider. Out there for your website, or not? let’s start with the back end. It’s not like, you’ll be visiting the hosting dashboard frequently. But when you do visit. You’ll need your work done as fast and as smoothly as possible. It’s like those hiking shoes. We have sitting in our closets. We don’t use them regularly but when we do we need them to do their job well.

Bluehost Review
Bluehost Review 2021

You’re thinking about hiking right now. Aren’t you hey we can go on a hiking adventure later. But for now, let’s get back to the hosting dashboard with every plan. You get access to Bluehost’s custom dashboard. Where you can do everything related to your hosting and domains the dashboard is very minimal. Much more user-friendly as compared to the traditional interface.

I know most of us are used to the traditional hosting interface. But Bluehost amped it up and picked up all the cluttered options. Displayed them minimally you get the dashboard menu on the left and all the content on the menus towards the right.

If you’re like me and appreciate a good UX you’re going to love it. If you get all of your websites in the my sites tab. If you want to make any changes to them. you can do it easily from the customization options for each website.

Bluehost Review 2021While you do get the marketplace and domain tab separately on the dashboard. The thing that annoys me is their upsells. I mean take a look at this home page. Most of it is just ads. I don’t mind getting a few ads here and there but honestly. what is the point of creating such a clean layout.

If it’s going to be filled with ads apart from that the Cpanel. Also has a more clean and minimal look. You can perform all the website functions. Like uploading files via FTP clearing cache. installing security certificates etc. If you wish to install any of the apps like WordPress, or Joomla. You can do that by adding the one-click installation wizard and your application will be installed right away.

I always consider speed and uptime one of the most critical factors. Tell me would you buy a phone. that’s super easy to use but stops working or slows down now and then. I’m sure I don’t want that that’s why good speed and uptime are necessary. We ran a few tests to see how Bluehost performs in terms of uptime. We got a decent score of 99.95 percent. do keep in mind that Bluehost does not offer any uptime guarantee with any of their plans.

When we checked the speed of a standard website. The results were okayish the website took 3.4seconds to load up completely. Hey, we don’t want a website to run like a roadrunner but at least. We can expect a decent speed can. We now let’s talk about customer support none of us know everything.

Bluehost Review 2021
Bluehost Review

When it comes to hosting and we can always use some help. now and then when that happens. Do you want to get connected with someone like Roy from the crowd? I know I wouldn’t like that. We all want someone quick and ready to help in my experience. Bluehost does not fail to deliver here.

They have a robust support system with 24/7 live chat a solid knowledge base email. Call support you will not feel lost. When you need an extra hand. He isn’t that what we all want after all the WordPress theme officially recommends Bluehost. So, obviously, it comes with WordPress-specific features. You get automatic backups one-click installation wizard WordPress. Oriented tech support among other things for the security and protection of your website Bluehost offers.

Resource protection free SSL certificates and spam protection. If you want you can get site lock security, and code guard backup for added security by paying extra for these. Add-ons I’m sure you’ve all got your questions answered related to features. But the big question still stands.

How much do you need to pay for it? I’m all for good hosting, but what’s the point. If it’s going to burn a hole in your pocket right. Let’s check out the plans offered by Bluehost the plans start at 3.95 cents per month for shared hosting.

Bluehost ReviewWhich is attractive at first but if you take a closer look. You will learn that you get this price only. If you buy hosting for 36 months that’s quite a long time to commit to especially. When you’re just getting started. If you want the same plan for 12 months. The price will go up to 5.95 per month. Again be vigilant while buying the hosting plan Bluehost is always rigorously upselling and cross-promoting. So, make sure to check off those package extras while checking out hey Bluehost.

If you can set those fields unchecked by default and leave it to us. If we want those extra packages, or not won’t it be much better come on you’re better than. That for the basic plan you get one website hosting free SSL certificate 50-gigabyte storage. Free domain for a year ability to park five domains and 25 domains.

If you want to go for the plus plan. You can get hosting for unlimited websites a free SSL certificate. Unmetered SSD storage free domain for a year. Unlimited park domains the choice plus plan gives you everything covered in the plus plan and in addition.

You get free whois lookup privacy and free automatic backups with code guard lastly. The pro plan costs 13.95 per month for the first term. As you can see it covers everything in the choice plus plan. The only difference is that you get more optimized servers for high-traffic websites and free dedicated IP. Remember that while you get a free domain with every hosting plan. Whois privacy is only included in the choice plus. 

Bluehost ReviewThe pro plan if you are planning on only using WordPress on all of your sites. You can check out their wp pro plans. The plans start from 9.95 per month. When billed for three years and come with a marketing center SEO email marketing, social media, and other powerful tools. That’s a lot of information, isn’t it?

I’m sure at this point you have understood all of the aspects of Bluehost hosting. So, what do you think is Bluehost worthy of hosting. Your website here’s what? I think Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider they offer really attractive plans. Hosts all the essential features that add up to good hosting. But they clearly lack many useful features. If you asked me which hosting provider is the best.

I would say site ground in a heartbeat for a similar price site ground. Offers way better server resources CDN. Better support storage and whatnot and the best part their dashboard is not overflowing with ads. I know I know it’s not that big of a thing. But believe me, the ads can get really annoying.

If you want to know! why I say? site ground is better than Bluehost. Check out my site ground review. now before you rush to click that button. I need to tell you that nobody paid me to do this review and it is 100 honest. If you found this review useful. Do leave a comment below the upside reviews.


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